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Mrs. Patmore goes low and slow

Each Sunday evening Brandon and I try to cook something fashionable and delicious to accompany our viewing of Downton Abbey.  I recently read an interview with Lesley Nicol, the actress who plays the fiery cook Mrs. Patmore.  Her acting is quite … Continue reading

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Warm Scones for (not quite) a Crowd

Since Brandon had to work around Christmastime, we were not able to make our annual trip to Connecticut to visit his mother.  Instead, he planned for her to visit Philadelphia this weekend since it is a 3-day weekend for Martin … Continue reading

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Cheese & Crackers

I love the holidays for many reasons, not least of which are the parties.  One of my favorite things (after acquiring a cocktail, of course) is visiting the buffet table and loading up on an array of holiday finger foods. … Continue reading

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Happy Birth-Day Cupcakes

As a resolution this year, I decided that I would like to start annotating and sharing more about the food Brandon and I have been making (and that I have been Instagram-ing).  So here it is! I begin two days … Continue reading

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